About Trøndelag musikkråd 

Trøndelag musikkråd is a regional office for Norsk musikkråd and Musikkens studieforbund.

Trøndelag musikkråd is an umbrella organisation for the voluntary music scene in Trøndelag. We are both an interest group and an adult educational association for our member organisations and their members in Trøndelag. 
In addition we have projects and activities which includes the music scene in general.
- Courses/musical training for youth and adults
- Entertainment for events
- Music education in prison
- band service
- Operation and lease of rehearsing facilities for bands.
- Local liaison for grants like Adult educational grant, KOMP and Frifond

Kontakt oss

Sør-Trøndelag musikkråd
Kultursenteret ISAK
Prinsens gt. 44
7011 Trondheim

Tlf 73 88 33 20