Children and youth choirs

There are a number of choirs for children and young people in Sandnes that do not belong to a school. Most of these have an affiliation with a church or congregation. The choirs often come together each week to practice for concerts or events organised by the congregation.

The choirs are open to everyone, but ages often vary from one choir to another, ranging from 5-16 years.

It is common to start in the choirs at the beginning of autumn and spring, but it is often possible to join at other times of the year as well.

The choirs are voluntary organisations managed by the members and their guardians. Here, parents have the opportunity to help with various tasks. This is a great way for parents to get to know other parents and children, where everyone in cooperates to contribute to the community, resulting in a great experience.

Children and youth choirs in Sandnes

Choir Practice location More information

Bogafjell barnelovsang

Bogafjell kirke

Bogafjell barnegospel

Bogafjell kirke


Bogafjell kirke

Figgjo Barnegospel

Figgjo bedehus


Gand kirke

Gand gospel jr. - Barnekor

Gand kirke

Ungdomskoret GG

Gand kirke

Ganddal unge røster

Ebeneser misjonsforsamling


Klippen Sandnes

Lura tensing

Lura kirke

Lura kirkes barnekor

Lura kirke

Riska barnegospel

Riska bedehusforsamling

Sandnes soul children


Sandnes soul teens


Sviland barnegospel

Sviland bedehus

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