Folk Music

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Vibå spelemannslag (Vibå Fiddler Team)

Vibå spelemannslag was established in 1973, and has members from all over Rogaland. Members of the ensemble have had key tasks in connection with the collection and presentation of local folk music traditions from Rogaland. They play folk music primarily from Rogaland but also from other parts of the country.

The ensemble consists primarily of hardanger fiddles supported by double bass and guitar accompaniment. Basic knowledge of the instrument is an advantage but not a requirement. The team has hardanger fiddles available for loan.

Gandsfjord Toraderlag 2

Gandsfjord toraderlag (Gandsfjord Two-Row Accordion Society)

Gandsfjord toraderlag was founded in 1994 and currently consists of 10 active members playing 7 two-rowers, 1 violin, bass and rhythm guitar. The Two-Rowers team plays for local traditional dance groups and presents approx. 40 dance performances a year. The repertoire is mainly Norwegian folk music.

Everyone is welcome to join and there is no age limit. Members must have their own instrument and be able to master some musical notation. New members can start immediately, preferably pensioners.

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Sydvesten (The Southwest)

Sydvesten was founded in 2007 and is a two-row accordion group with two-rowers, accordion, flute, harmonica, guitar and bass. The group plays traditional dance and folk music and often contributes music at dance evenings for local dance teams in addition to championships and festivals.

The members come from all over the region and everyone is welcome to join. Any new members must have their own instrument and some prior knowledge.