Adult wind bands

Adult wind bands are for young people and adults, usually aged 16 and over. These bands are not affiliated with a school as the school bands are. Like the school bands, you practice together for a concert, competition or other big musical experiences. The social environment is an important part of the activity.

In the adult bands, there is no individual training on the instrument as in the school bands. It is therefore expected that you have basic skills on your instrument and some experience with reading music. Several bands offer to lend instruments if you do not have your own. You can start in an adult band at any time.

In Sandnes there are two types of wind bands, concert bands and brass bands. The former consists of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, while the latter are only brass and percussion.

The bands are voluntary organisations managed by the members on a voluntary basis. Here you have the opportunity to contribute to the community with tasks of your own choosing.

Adult wind bands in Sandnes

Wind bands Type Practice location More information

Kvadrat musikkorps

Concert band

Kvadrat kjøpesenter (Kvadrat shopping center)

Skeiene janitsjar

Concert band

Langgata barnehage (kindergarten)

Sverre Sigurdson musikkorps

Concert band


Julebygda brass

Brass band

Leaveien 204

Riska brass

Brass band

Riska Grendahus (village hall)

Elim brass

Brass band

Norkirken Sandnes

Høle og Sviland musikkorps

Brass band

Høle barneskole og Sviland barneskole

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